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Ace Race Wholesale Disc Program

Increase your fundraising! Get Undertaker, Buzzz, Challenger, Crank SS and more!

One of the benefits of running an Ace Race is the ability to purchase other Discraft products at wholesale prices. You can offer them to your players for resale to further increase your event's fundraising potential.

These special wholesale prices on Discraft stock items are available to current Ace Race event directors only. Stock discs are not intended for use during Ace Race: players still must use the prototype disc for the event.

Ace Race Wholesale program restrictions:

  • Ace Race player packs must be ordered before you may purchase wholesale stock items
  • Minimum order: 25 discs, mix and match any models and platics in stock. Apparel and other accessories do not count toward the minimum
  • Maximum order: 200 discs
  • One order per event. No reorders for stock items will be accepted

For pricing see the Ace Race wholesale program price guide.


  1. Order your Ace Race player packs (see your TD info kit for password)
  2. Once player packs are ordered, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your Ace Race order number
  3. Download the stock order form (requires Excel or compatible spreadsheet program. You can download a free compatible program from openoffice.org)
  4. Follow the instructions on the stock order form and include your Ace Race order number in the P.O. field of the order form. Orders without a valid Ace Race order number will not be filled.
  5. After placing your order you will receive a quote with total charges including shipping costs. Your order will ship once payment is received.

Orders will be accepted bup to the final Ace Race weekend of the year. Offer and prices subject to change without notice.

Stock items will be shipped separately from your player packs (but will arrive in time for your event when ordered at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event, depending on location).

No phone orders accepted.

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